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Australian's Love 4 x 4's

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These big beauties have become a true family favourite. The benefits that 4x4 drivers experience are many. They range from the obvious comfort and space to the feeling of safety behind the wheel of a 4x4.


Of course the greatest asset of a 4x4 is the freedom to experience total off road family adventure. Many 4x4 vehicles have undergone an engine recondition here at Penrith Engines. We have had them all here: Toyota Land Cruiser, Hi-Lux, Pajero, Nissan Patrol etc. Each and everyone of them have earned a much needed rest on one of our hoists.


While the Aussie family still love the great outdoors and rugged adventures, the 4x4 will always have a place in their hearts. The 4x4 is here to stay, it's not giving way to any family sedan, not now not ever!



Trip Preparation from Ralph

Thinking of taking the family on an Outback adventure? Think carefully about having your vehicle prepared for your journey.


Penrith Engine Services is always available to take on the maintenance of your vehicle. We'll get your car road safe so you and your family can have peace of mind as you set off on your trip. That's our promise.


It's imperative that your vehicle's cooling system is in A1 condition to avoid any overheating problems while on the road. Brake shoes & disc pads should be working like new. Wheel bearings should be checked and repacked. Hoses and belts need a thorough check. If it's a remote destination you are heading to, the battery should be checked, and a load test can be carried out at Penrith Engine Services.


Your tyres shouldn't be overlooked - the right pressure and the right tread is so important for road safety. Of course your spare tyre should be in tip top condition as well.


A full water bottle is a definite passenger on a long trip, as is a fully equipped first aid kit.


Tips To Save You Fuel

In this time of erratic price increases from interest rates to the ever ballooning price of fuel, we all need to be educated in living our lives more economically. At Penrith Engines we can't stop fuel increases, but we can make sure that your car is running at its economic best.


4 Tips to $ave you Money and Petrol


       1.         Ensure your vehicle is serviced every 5-10,000km
       2.         Tyre pressure checks - keep tyre levels at recommended levels (this will also save undue tyre wear)
       3.         Be aware that your engine is running smoothly for better fuel economy
       4.         Turn your a/c off when not required



All of the above can contribute to your car running more economically. Other tips for happy motoring are overseeing the incidentals like making sure all lights, blinkers, horn and windscreen wipers are all operational. Fan belts and hoses should never be over looked, they should be intact and not deteriorating. Tyres should be checked for wear and rotated if required. Windscreen bottle should be topped up, and the most important duty is checking brake pads and discs and make sure that the brakes are 100%.


We are here to help with the following requirements: all of your mechanical repairs and servicing, minor service, major service, exchange reconditioned engines, 4x4, exchange engines, engine machining including DIY, crankshaft grinding, rego inspections and pre-purchase inspections.



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